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School of Wealth

Jan 16, 2019

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur, not sure where to go next? This week, Rondi is joined by Corey Bergeron, whose 20+ years as director-turned-host for HSN made him an expert at starting his own video production company, Pitch Video. They talk about everything from smashing televisions on live TV, to Corey’s business partner (and former Shark Tank star) Kevin Harrington, to the difficult journey that culminated in Corey finally living his dream.


Covered in today’s episode:


  • What time is the right time to look for investors? Trust your gut, and don’t make the mistake that so many entrepreneurs do when they’re starting out.
  • Success is not measured by money alone: value your family and the sacrifices they make alongside you as your support system while you chase your dream.
  • How to never work a day in your life: find what you are most passionate about, and work will go from being something you have to do to something you get to do.


Find Cory on his website or LinkedIn.

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Cory’s Book, Thousands Per Minute: The Art of Pitching Products on Internet, Video and Television


Traction by Gino Wickman


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