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School of Wealth

Jan 23, 2019

Do you want to look at your partner with the same love and affection that you did when you first became a pair? Stan Padgett is here to teach you how to have the most fulfilling relationship you possibly can -- just like he has with his wife of 42 years. Rondi and Stan talk about their journeys through love and loss, and how they grew successful businesses through it all.


Covered in today’s episode:

  • Communication with your partner: the key is to use brutal honesty with yourself, and gentle honesty with your significant other
  • The foundation of love: trust and respect. How to build up these qualities in your relationship and grow with one another
  • Biggest mistakes made by businesses with their finances -- and how to resolve (or better yet, avoid) the issue


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Relationship Magic Academy

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Celebrity Launchpad

Study: 40-50% of first marriages fail

Advocates of love: sponsor a child

5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman

The Big Rocks of Life by Dr. Steven R. Covey


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