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School of Wealth

Jun 4, 2020

Angelo Christian is an investor, entrepreneur, and author. He is the CEO of Christian Financial and helps thousands of people with his influential coaching, Real Estate University, wealth management, and mortgage banking.

Today he joins me to talk about how both the commercial and residential real estate market has been affected by COVID-19.

Angelo is different and works with and lends to his mortgage clients

If you are looking for funding, Angelo and his team have some very compelling loan products. They can do jumbo loans for only 5% down. They have investor lines of credit for fix and flip, roundup construction. They are a Fanny May lender if you’re interested in a multifamily unit. They are different in the way they work to solve problems.

The biggest way that loans die, is because someone didn’t structure the loan the right way. Christian Financial is different is in the art of how they put the deal together. They help you get your credit where it needs to be and to get your paperwork or the property where it needs to be.

While so many lenders have gone to the sidelines, Christian Financial can lend in all 50 states and has very low-interest rates and access to all sorts of programs to help you get approved for the best loan with the lowest interest rate.

Call 7 days a week, 832-431-6331 or

Youtube  - Angelo Christian

IG  - OfficialAngelo



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